Benefits of Ready-Mix concrete

Benefits of Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is less expensive than manually mixed concrete. Mixing concrete on site requires additional time and materials which add up to extra costs. On the other hand, ready-mix concrete doesn’t require additional time, extra manpower and incurs almost zero waste of concrete materials.
Economical & Reasonable:
Ready-mix concrete is very reasonably priced considering the quality and convenience.
Strength and Optimization:
Ready-mix concrete is optimized for strength and hardening ability according to the order. The automated mixing process and a 4D mixer at the plant ensure uniform mixing of Portland cement, water, aggregates and makes it strong enough for any construction.
Energy & time efficiency:
Ready-mix concrete is custom made as per the client’s requirements and it is mixed at a plant before delivering to the client, rather than being mixed on-site.
Reduced dust pollution:
The manual mixing process of concrete is so complex and obviously not an efficient way of mixing. The manual mixing process of concrete emits a cloud of dust and fine cement particles in the air, which pollutes the construction site and the environment around it. Ready-mix concrete lowers the amount of dust emitted into the atmosphere during manufacturing. In contrast, mixing concrete manually produces large dust clouds that pollute the air and the surrounding environment.
Safe work practice:
Advanced technology and machinery along with automated processing make the ready-mix plants a safe place to work.
Reduce wastage:
Ready-mix concrete reduces material wastage on site compared to the traditional methods of manual mixing. According to construction experts, RMC results in the most efficient use of available resources. It can be ground and recycled into small aggregates and reused in many ways.
Multiple Applications:
The major advantage of using ready-mix concrete is its ability to be used in different applications including, civil engineering projects, road developments, foundations, bridges, walls, floors, bases, driveways, footpaths, tunnels, homes, and other structures.

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