Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

BRMCIL Quality Assurance Team maintains a high standard operating procedure that is best able to respond to the demands of its client’s expectations. BRMCIL has employed quality workers who have the knowledge, training and experience.

Moreover, ready-mix concrete is prepared as the finest grade of concrete. Mixed with best procured raw materials, crushed stone chips, Sylhet sands, and using the high quality world-renowned chemical brand (Sika). We carefully assess consumers plan and provide customized required strength class concrete that is guaranteed by an appropriate mix design.

Health & Safety Policy

BRMCIL does not compromise on safety issues. For avoiding occupational hazards, sickness and to prevent harm to business property, BRMCIL has ensured all the required procedures that are effective in ensuring the health & welfare of workers. BRMCIL maintains all the health & safety regulations applicable to its sector and strives to continually improve the health & safety management system. Moreover, 

● A safe and healthy working environment is ensured to prevent accidents
● Safe and efficient operation is maintained in processing plant and equipment; also, safe premises, prevention of accident & damage to property is ensured
● Managers and employees with sufficient supervision, information, instruction &training are appointed to ensure performance under the health and safety management system.
● Maintain minimum environmental impact from the operations
● The policy is reviewed and revised when necessary

Comprehensive Strength

BRMCIL meets all the necessary quality standards which are testified by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). As per (BUET) report, The Comprehensive Strength of BRMCIL (PCC) is 6730 PSI and blended hydraulic (Portland composite) is 6190 PSI.

Customers Happiness

Bashundhara Ready-mix concrete has been used in various mega project. Moreover, Bashundhara Ready-mix concrete has been used in numerous small and medium construction projects. Superior customer care service is ensured by Bashundhara Group. A dedicated customer care service team is working to ensure satisfaction of the customer through continuous support. We, Bashundhara Ready-mix and Construction Industries Ltd., keep our customers at the center of our priority.

Superior Quality

Bashundhara Ready-mix and Construction Industries Limited (BRMCIL) provides high-quality ready-mix solutions across the country. Being one the largest and the most trusted ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangladesh, BRMCIL delivers high-quality ready-mix concrete which is tested and certified by BUET in terms of strength and durability.

BRMCIL is committed to supply the finest, accurate and strongest ready-mix concrete to its clients with a precise mixing ratio, amiable quality and reliable delivery. Our unparalleled service in terms of concrete quality and on-time delivery has made us one the most trusted ready-mix concrete providers in Bangladesh within the shortest possible time since the inception of BRMCIL

State of the Art Technology

Our Ready-mix concrete is a tailor-made concrete that is manufactured in a bulk amount within a batching plant based on the required specifications. The preparation of ready-mix concrete combines a fresh concrete mix including sand, cement, water and aggregates at perfect ratio and then the mixture is kept in a ready-mix truck. Sometimes other additives can be added during the mixing process to increase the concrete’s strength and durability. After loading the mixture in a ready-mix truck, it is delivered to worksites in a freshly mixed state as per order.

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