Superior Class of Products

Generally, We, BRMCIL are producing ready-mix concrete with comprehensive strength of 4150, 5130, and 6730 PSI for Portland cement. For blended hydraulic (Portland composite) we are producing 3830, 4820, and 6190 PSI cement.

The strength of the infrastructures depends on the quality of the concrete used in project. Based on the types of constructions, required strength of concrete varies.
For the convenience and better customer satisfaction we offer customized grade of Ready-Mix Concrete from C15/1450 PSI to C 45/ 6525 PSI. We can classify our Ready-Mix Concrete based on these characteristics:

Green and Durable Concrete

Green and Durable Concrete Our durable concrete is world class that is why we are the main and trusted concrete supplier for the majority of authorities and clients. All of our product lines including Standard Concrete, Fast Track Concrete, and Special Performance Concrete are green and durable. Every product can be customized to fit your needs.

Fast Track Concrete

If the construction process takes extra times it adds up extra cost. We offer Ready Mix concrete products that are designed to reduce the time for concrete casting, pumping, setting/hardening, and finishing by shortage possible time. Based on the requirements we do customize the concrete to fast track.

Special Performance Concrete

As mentioned earlier We provide customized strength concrete solutions. Special requirements in terms of strength and packaging will be accepted for better customer satisfaction.

Additional Features for all products:

  • Our Ready-Mix Concrete provides the feature of required temperature control.
  • To save the construction time and for Convenient operations we incorporated easy flow feature in our products.
  • We incorporated anti-corrision features in our product that can keep your construction safe and outspread the service life concurrently.
  • As per customization, our Ready-Mix concrete products can derive in a dry version if ordered.
  • The quality of the raw materials and state-of-the-art technology ensures rapid strength of our products.
  • Self-Compacting design combats un-uniformity problems of concrete


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