RMC outplays traditional concrete in every aspect!

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The Quality of concrete is the key factor for the strength of any construction. In construction of roads, bridges, pathways, tunnels, houses or any other structure, the quality of the concrete bears great importance to its strength and safety. Ready-mix concrete is better than traditional concrete mixing in terms of quality in every aspect because, highest-grade ingredients are used for ready-mix concrete. This makes the whole process much faster and more efficient than the traditional methods. Ready-mix concrete offers more consistency in quality as each step of concrete preparation is done under prerequisite quality check. Moreover, it saves time, work force and storage space as it is delivered to the construction site after making it ‘ready-to-use’ instantly. Whereas, traditional concrete mixing is performed manually by an outdated process and requires construction materials to be stored at the construction site for preparation. This process is slow and requires additional labor and storage costs besides the risk of the materials being affected by weather and contamination. The biggest trump card that ready-mix concrete holds over traditional concrete is the accuracy of the mixing ratio and uniformity of mixing as ready-mix is prepared under strict quality control, advanced machinery and technology, monitored by experienced and educated personnel at the ready-mix plant. Traditional concrete mixing cannot offer any of this advantage and the whole process is more like a shot in the dark in terms of quality and consistency.

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