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Ready Mix concrete adheres with sustainability and process efficiency in the whole operational system i.e., from the production process to the finished deliverable items. Traditional manual mixing process of concrete is not only inefficient but also hazardous for the workers. However, In Ready Mix concrete production process less human involvement keeps the total work process easy & Safety. BRMCIL engages expert engineers in the process and contributes greatly to the National Economy. Thereby, the quality of Ready-Mix Concrete ensures stronger infrastructure and Sustainable.  BRMCIL complies with good governance and clear emphasis on preservation of Environmental aspects. It saves construction time and ensures safety at work place.  In Ready Mix process, BRMCIL ensures very minimal emission of dust. In traditional mixing process high emission of dust is a serious concern. Most of the materials used at traditional mixing process are dry and with wind it gets released to the environment.  This high emission of dust increase acidification, which pollutes the floating water in the air as well as affects nearby livelihood. So traditional mixing process pollutes environment as well as affect livestock badly which is a major threat to Environment. BRMCIL also puts a lot of emphasis on cautious Raw Materials Handling, Storage, and Transfer of raw materials.

Wastage at Traditional mixing process is very high. Manual mixing of Cement, Sand, Water and Admixture is very much complex and there is a high level of wastage. It also affects badly on the contrary. In Ready Mix Concrete, the amount of harmful gas emission is low as the controlled production mechanism ensures minimal level of gas emission.

Dust Cloud is a Serious Concern with Manual Mixing System

Dust cloud is a serious concern with manual mixing system. Bashundhara Ready-Mix concrete manufacturing process follows advanced Technology and automated production system. This automation system reduces the amount of dust which goes into the air and pollutes environment.  As mentioned earlier, High emission of dust increases acidification, which pollutes the water and affects crop farming productivity levels. But with ready-mix, the aggregate is prepared by the manufacturer and only presented to the site, ready for casting. That helps to reduce the production of dust at the construction site.

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